26th January 2014 - Think Local Act Personal News Update

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22nd January 2014 - North Lancashire carers sentenced for ill treatment FOUR CARE workers have been sentenced for abusing elderly and vulnerable residents in their care at a North Lancashire nursing home.

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Inspection programme to improve the quality of dementia care  22nd January 2014From now until February 2014 we will inspect hospitals and care homes in 22 local authority areas as part of a new programme of inspection. The focus of the programme is to understand the experiences of people with dementia, their families and carers and in particular experiences of moving between hospitals and care homes.

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22nd January 2014 - New guide for customer-facing staff to help people with dementia

A new guide from the Alzheimer's Society, How to help people with dementia: A guide for customer-facing staff, is for anyone who works with the general public in a customer-facing role, either face to face or providing support via the phone or online channels.

This comprehensive resource promotes awareness of dementia for staff in shops, businesses and services. This is one of the key areas of focus for communities working to become dementia friendly.

The booklet provides information on common symptoms of dementia as well as how it can affect people. It gives clear, straightforward guidance and practical tips on how to help someone with dementia. Sections deal with communication, the impact of physical environments and how to deal with difficult situations or someone who is experiencing problems associated with dementia.

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CQC finally heading in right direction  23rd January 2014The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is now better able to protect patients and the public, according to a senior committee of MPs.

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2nd December 2013 - Dementia care and support

This report sets out what is known about dementia care, support and research. It highlights where improvements are being made and where progress can be seen – it also shows where improvements are needed, including where better data is necessary.

It assesses the scale of the challenge of dementia and also looks at:

living with dementia
dementia education and training
dementia friendly communities

The report supports an interactive map where people can see data about dementia care in their area and across the country.

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2nd December 2013 - NHS failing to care for people with Parkinsons

The first ever inquiry into NHS continuing care has uncovered huge failings in a system which leaves people with Parkinson's no choice but to pick up the cost of care they can't survive without.

People in the advanced stages of Parkinson's are being put through hell by trying to access financial support they need, in a system so complex even health professionals struggle to understand it.

Their new report into NHS continuing care – a funding package to provide free health care for people with severe health needs – marks the launch of their new Failing to Care campaign.

They're urging the Government to overhaul a system that is not fit for purpose. The inquiry - by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Parkinson's - found that 59% of NHS continuing care assessments don't involve a professional with specialist expertise or knowledge in the applicant's condition. This leads to inaccurate and incorrect decisions on funding. And 40% of people going through the assessment process reported a lack of empathy and transparency from professionals.

For more information see link: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/news/27-november-2013........


2nd December 2013 - Dementia care gaps to be exposed

Plans to improve dementia care will include an online map to expose 'poorly performing' areas, the health secretary has announced.

Jeremy Hunt says dementia is still not being detected early enough, and a Government map will aim to highlight discrepancies across England.

This would enable failing areas to learn from better performing ones, he claims, in order to tackle what he describes as a health and care 'time bomb'.

Fewer than half (48%) of people living with dementia have been diagnosed, according to official figures.

For more information see link: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/latest-news/dementia-care-........


5th December 2013 - Key to understanding integrated care for older people

As John Young said at our recent older people's services conference, 'when we say the hospital is full, we really mean, the community is full'.

Intermediate care services are provided to patients – generally older – to help them avoid going into hospital unnecessarily, to help them be as independent as possible after discharge from hospital and to prevent them having to move into residential or nursing homes until they really need to. These services are generally time-limited, until the person has regained independence or medical stability, and are provided in people's own homes, in community hospitals or sometimes within local nursing homes.

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